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International freight shipping

We optimize the chain of international freight shipping by all types of transport, including multimodal ones, from 1 CBM to a whole container. You can order services and find out the cost by e-mail: ✉

ISKEMA organizes international shipping of import-export cargo in Eurasia. The goods are delivered by air, sea, road, rail. We also use multimodal shipping schemes, using various types of transport for the delivery of one cargo. We provide a full range of related services related to shipping, customs clearance and financing of supplies.

International shipping

Freight shipping by all types of transport

  • Container shipping - shipping by sea is the most popular and affordable freight option. The duration depends on the route. Delivery of both the whole container and groupage cargo is possible.

  • Road shipping - universal for transportation to any point in Eurasia. You can choose the optimal route in terms of time, type of transport in terms of dimensions and characteristics of the transported products. Trawls and platforms - for oversized or heavy cargo.

  • Rail shipping - door-to-door delivery by container train, a reliable product between existing sea and air traffic. Ideal if you need to get your goods faster than sea and cheaper than air.

  • Air shipping - Aviation is the fastest and most reliable way. Suitable for urgent or high-value shipments, as well as for small consignments. Delivery time from 2 to 5 days.

  • To optimize costs and terms, a multimodal scheme is often used - a combination of several types of transport (aircraft and truck or sea vessel and container train).

International shipping

Shipping FCL and LCL cargo

Cargoes shipping carry out by full container load (FCL) and less container load (LCL). In the latter case, the customer pays only for the space occupied by his products. In many cases, this is more expedient and profitable than ordering the transportation of the general consignment. The company's specialists will help you develop optimal solutions and select the appropriate tariffs for your tasks, taking into account the time frame and budget. Also, the company's employees will draw up the necessary documentation for transportation and customs clearance, saving you from bureaucratic procedures and delays.

LCL Cargo

International shipping rates

Tariffs are formed individually. Before concluding a contract with a customer, specialists will calculate the final cost of services, which will depend on a number of factors. Among them:

• distance over which the products will be transported;
• cost of customs clearance;
• type of transport chosen for shipping;
• volume, weight, category of cargo;
• necessary additional services.

Full range of additional services

We provide our clients with related services:

• insurance against risks, for example, theft, damage, loss;
• consolidation in warehouses in China, Germany and other countries;
• certification and execution of the necessary permits;
• search for suppliers, assistance in concluding contracts;
• trade finance services for our regular clients;
• customs clearance and payment of fees and charges;


Advantages of ISKEMA company

Key benefits that we guarantee you:

  1. Competent employees. Specialists in the field of logistics, law, finance. They organize the whole process, saving you unnecessary hassle, time and money.

  2. Accurate deadlines. We promptly respond to requests and fulfill our obligations on the dates specified in advance.

  3. Debugged routes. Carefully designed routes and proven contractors allow you to deliver goods quickly and with minimal risks.

  4. Complex of additional services. When you contact us, you will receive all services related to international transportation (customs clearance, consolidation, certification, insurance, etc.).

  5. Personally calculated rates. Prices are not overpriced, and we are always ready to meet our clients halfway, taking into account the market situation and other factors.

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