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Freight shipping from China

We optimize your China supply chain and will select the best solutions for transportation, customs clearance, financing and certification. We will save time and money.

Company benefits

Local experts
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Presence in the region
since 2002

Service list

LCL cargo
Shipping of small-sized cargo of various customers in one direction and one container.
FCL cargo
Freight shipping of fully loaded containers or vehicles by one customer cargo.
Customs clearance
Fulfillment of necessary formalities when moving goods across the customs border.
Procurement management
Search and verification of suppliers. Conclusion of a foreign trade contract. Purchase of goods.
Cost optimization
Search for the best routes. Calculation of the optimal volume of parties. Optimization of purchases.
Product certification
Organization of certification of goods in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations.

Shipping by all means of transport

Road cargo shipping
Door-to-door delivery
Rail cargo shipping
Heavy and oversized cargo
Container shipping
Shipping to 3000 cities
Air cargo shipping
From 2 days and 50 kg

FOB shipping freight cost from China

Destination city
Less container load
Standard load, 1 CBM
Full container load
40' Standard
Air freight
Standard load, 1 kg
from 290 $
2 980 $
from 2,8 $
from 240 $
2 690 $
from 2.4 $
from 290 $
1 380 $
from 1.5 $
from 250 $
2 790 $
from 2.6 $
from 90 $
950 $
from 1.9 $

Statistics of our company

Offices in Eurasia
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China (the official name is the People's Republic of China or in abbreviated form - the PRC) is a state in East Asia. It ranks fourth in the world in terms of territory, second only to Russia, Canada and the United States of America. The largest country in the world in terms of population. China at the beginning of the XXI century is the first world industrial superpower in terms of industrial production.

China is the world's largest producer of the vast majority of industrial products. China produces more than 50% of the world's cameras, 30% of air conditioners, 25% of washing machines and about 20% of refrigerators. In addition, according to customs statistics, China has been the first exporter of textiles, clothing, footwear, watches, bicycles, sewing machines and other labor-intensive products for many years in a row.

Shipping from China

A wide agent network, as well as our own consolidation warehouses in the main industrial regions of China, allow us to carry out regular shipments of goods and significantly reduce the costs of our clients. Specialization in this area allows you to debug the process to the smallest detail, so delays and force majeure situations are minimized.

The company's specialists will take the necessary route for you and take over the preparation of documents for customs clearance and financial support of the entire stage of foreign economic activity. We will provide a range of additional services for certification, insurance, trade finance and other related procedures.

Shipping from China

Nomenclature of shipping goods

We organize the transportation of the following categories of goods:

• industrial equipment;
• components for production;
• electronic components;
• medical equipment;
• spare parts and consumables;
• large-sized machines and presses;
• common consumption goods.

It is also possible to transport heavy and oversized equipment and machines. Experts will competently plan the process for the delivery of high-tech, fragile and oversized cargo - the optimal transport will be selected, providing specific transportation conditions.

Shipping from China

Shipping options for LCL and FCL cargo

The company's specialists are ready to offer you several types of transportation:

  1. Basically, delivery will be carried out by road, but we also organize other transportation options, including air deliver.

  2. To optimize costs and time, a multimodal scheme is often used - a combination of several types of transport (aircraft and car or sea vessel and container train).

  3. Rail dispatch of oversized, heavy and other cargos from China is also possible. Container shipping from the main ports is also involved.

Shipping from China

Advantages of ISKEMA company

Key benefits that we guarantee you:

  1. Competent staff. Specialists in the field of logistics, law, finance. They organize the whole process, saving you unnecessary hassle, time and money.

  2. Accurate deadlines. We promptly respond to requests and fulfill our obligations on the dates specified in advance.

  3. Debugged routes. Carefully designed routes and proven contractors allow you to deliver goods quickly and with minimal risks.

  4. A set of additional services. When you contact us, you will receive all services related to international transportation (customs clearance, consolidation, certification, insurance, etc.).

  5. Personally calculated rates. Prices are not overpriced, and we are always ready to meet our clients halfway, taking into account the market situation and other factors.

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