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Freight shipping from Russia

We optimize your supply chain from Russia. We will select the best solutions for shipping cargo, customs clearance, financing and certification and will save your time and money.

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Service list

LCL cargo
Shipping of small-sized cargo of various customers in one direction and one container.
FCL cargo
Freight shipping of fully loaded containers or vehicles by one customer cargo.
Customs clearance
Fulfillment of necessary formalities when moving goods across the customs border.
Procurement management
Search and verification of suppliers. Conclusion of a foreign trade contract. Purchase of goods.
Cost optimization
Search for the best routes. Calculation of the optimal volume of parties. Optimization of purchases.
Product certification
Organization of certification of goods in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations.

Shipping by all means of transport

Road cargo shipping
Door-to-door delivery
Rail cargo shipping
Heavy and oversized cargo
Container shipping
Shipping to 3000 cities
Air cargo shipping
From 2 days and 50 kg

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Russia, the official name is the Russian Federation. The largest state in the world, occupying 1/8 of the land area and located in the northeast of Eurasia. The territory of Russia is 17 125 191 km²; the population of the country is 146,171,015 people. Russia is a significant part of the world's transport corridors such as North-South and West-East.


The economy of Russia ranks 6th among countries of the world and 2nd among European countries. The annual export of industrial and high-tech goods is over $ 150 billion. At the same time, the main buyers of products are not only the CIS countries, such as Kazakhstan and Belarus, but also China, Turkey, the Netherlands. The main supplies of non-primary exports are presented in the following industries:

• Nuclear power equipment;
• Aviation industry products;
• Electronic components;
• Medical equipment;
• Industrial equipment;
• Pharmaceutical industry;
• Agroindustry.

Russia is represented on the world market by such companies as Rosatom, Irkut Corporation, Power machines, Uralkali, Biotech, Rostec and and many other companies.